Animal Control

Niska Bridge Green Lit

Great news! The City of Guelph has received notice from the province the file is complete and we can move forward with the reconstruction of Niska Road and replacement of the bridge.

Niska Bridge Cosed

Niska Bridge Closed

The City is closing Niska Bridge indefinitely due to safety concerns about the bridge’s condition and the unstable effects high spring water flows can have on the bridge’s support structures.

School Zone Speed Limits

School Zone Speed Limits

The City of Guelph is recommending changes to school zone speed limits. These changes are quite similar to those that I proposed in June 2014 prior to this term of council.

Fair Stormwater Funding

Guelph and the Living Wage

On July 4, 2016, the Corporate Services Committee will receive a staff report concerning the Living Wage and City of Guelph employees. The analysis of what constitutes a living wage is spectacular.

Elementary Immunisation

7-Year-Olds Face Suspension

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health recently issued a media release announcing that 7-year-old sudents with incomplete immunisation records on file face suspension from school this year.

Niska Decision

Arkell Road Constuction Closure

Upcoming construction on Arkell Road starting May 30th will cause some road closures and transit disruptions. Read the city press release to learn about how this will affect Ward 6 traffic.

Niska Bridge

Sikh Gurdwara Progressing

In the fall of 2016, the new gurdwara of the Guelph Sikh Society on Clair Road is scheduled to be open for the community. This large $7 million project is a great addition to Ward Six's Deep South.

Town Hall Recap

Downey Traffic Open House

Recently the City of Guelph announced a set of public open houses about pending transportation improvements for Downey Road. Join us and provide the city with feedback.