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Guelph and the Living Wage

Next week on July 4th, Guelph's Corporate Services Committee will receive a report on the Living Wage and the City of Guelph employees. As part of my research for the meeting, I reviewed the Guelph and Wellington Poverty Elimination Task Force report entitled A Living Wage for Guelph and Wellington: 2015 Update and it is spectacular.

I encourage everyone to read it to gain a full appreciation of the cost of actually LIVING (not just SURVIVING) in Guelph. I appreciate that it includes aspects of both social and recreational wellbeing too.

The committee report indicates that for full-time city employees with medical benefits, 1230 of 1257 are working at the living wage of $14.95/hour or above. Of the 27 employees that do not meet this benchmark, they all earn $14.87/hour or just 8¢/hour less than the minimum -- so the gap is very small.

Of the 967 non-full-time employees that do not receive medical benefits -- which includes regular part-time, seasonal, co-op, students, etc. -- 337 earn the living wage of $16.50/hour or above. 630 do not earn this living wage.

I look forward to discussing the report at Corporate Services Committee next week and learning more about the City of Guelph's role in the promotion of a living wage.

Oh, and one more thing: