Swimming Attire Guide

New Swimming Attire Guide

You may remember in June 2015 when an 8-year-old girl was asked by a city lifeguard to wear a top as required by the city's aquatic admission standards. I am happy to announce that city staff has completed its review of Guelph's swimming attire guide and has revised it to the following, effective immediately.

• All patrons must wear appropriate swimming attire suitable for a public/family environment.
• Swimming attire is defined as clothing that is clean and used specifically for the purpose of swimming.

The new gender-neutral standard removes mention of requiring girls and women to wear tops in city pool/splashpad facilities and allows participants to determine for themselves what they feel is appropriate attire for swimming, provided the clothing is clean.

I commend Guelph staff for all their thoughtful and indepth research and work that went into the revision of these admission standards. I fully support their logical and rational conclusion that that Guelph’s guideline needed to change to ensure the issue of toplessness is equally applied to both males and females to align with reasonable community standards. By allowing everyone to decide for themselves what is "appropriate swimming attire", the city respects individual freedoms and celebrates diverse viewpoints.

Watch the CTV News interview below for some additional perspectives: