Niska Bridge

Niska Road and Bridge Decision

Tonight (Dec 3rd) at 6 pm council will hear from senior staff and 23 delegates as we tackle the fate of Niska Bridge and Road. You can download the agenda and staff presentation from the city website.

This is currently the biggest and most hotly debated and divisive topic in Ward 6 and was a frequent conversation point during my resident engagement on the campaign trail last year. Not a decision that can be made lightly — I've certainly undertaken many hours of research and discussion to best understand this issue — but nevertheless a decision must and will be made tonight.

The image above is the Cedar Crossing wood-covered bridge in Multnomah County outside Portland, Oregon. Should council decide to proceed with the staff-recommended two-lane bridge option to replace the current one-lane Bailey bridge, I would be interested in staff exploring the feasibility of a similar design. I believe a wood-covered bridge would not only fit beautifully into the surrounding natural landscape but would also serve as an absolute physical barrier to large vehicle traffic, which is identified as a current and future problem.