2016 Budget Meetings Start

2016 Budget Meetings Start

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 21st, marks the beginning of council’s 2016 budget deliberations. You can read all about it on the city’s budget webpage.

Each year, city staff present a recommended budget to council that details what money is required to meet the needs of Guelph. Council reviews the recommended budget, listens to the input of residents like yourself, makes changes through majority decision, and then votes on the final budget.

The public process takes about six weeks to complete, though staff work on budget projections throughout the year and aggressively each summer. It’s a lot of work by everyone involved, overseeing nearly half a billion dollars in total expenditures.

Would you like to provide written comments to council about the budget or even delegate at one or more of the meetings? The City of Guelph website provides you with all the details you need.

The table below summarises council’s budget meeting dates for the entire 2016 budget, which covers four main areas: non-tax-supported budgets, local boards and shared services, capital budget, and operating budget. All meetings will be open to residents, and many (though not all) of the meetings will be televised on Rogers TV.

Ward 6 Town Hall Meeting