What's With The Pylons?

What's With The Pylons?

Several residents have asked me about the purpose of the pylons at the Farley/Goodwin intersection (near Zehrs) in Ward 6 that have seemingly been on the road forever. I was curious about them too so I asked city staff about their purpose and how much longer they would remain. Here are some quotes from staff’s response:

“The construction barrels were placed on Farley Drive as an interim measure to physically narrow the pavement width to help guide motorist along this section of roadway.  Motorists are still able to make a northbound right turn into the Zehrs plaza from the northbound through lane. The construction barrels are on the roadway as an interim measure ... the City has investigated the feasibility of installing a roundabout at the intersection of Farley Drive and Goodwin Drive.... Moving forward we initiated the conceptual design of a roundabout, to see if would be a fit based upon property constraints, access locations etc. and it was.

Why are the pylons still there?
They are to artificially reduce the width of the roadway and align the left turning traffic on Farley at Goodwin as well as reduce the width of conflict area between crossing and traffic travelling on Farley.

When are the pylons going to be removed?
Our preference is to have the barrels renaming [sic] in place until the roundabout is constructed.”

Since the 2015 capital budget did not include funding for a new roundabout at that intersection, work could not commence in 2015. I believe staff will be recommending funding for the 2016 City of Guelph budget that council will be discussing in a few months, though.