Niska Road Bridge Repairs

Niska Road Bridge Repairs

UPDATE: Niska Road Bridge will reopen 5 May 2015.

The Niska Road bridge in Ward 6 will be closed for nearly two weeks to initiate repairs. Here’s today’s press release from the city:

Guelph, ON, April 14, 2015 – Following a recent inspection, deck boards on the Niska Road bridge will be replaced beginning April 20. These repairs will keep the bridge in service while the City completes the Environmental Assessment and determines a permanent solution for Niska Road and the bridge.

“During regular spring road patrols, City staff noticed flaws in the deck boards on the Niska Road bridge,” noted Kealy Dedman, General Manager Engineering and Capital Infrastructure Services. “A bridge management consultant was hired to assess damage to the deck and recommended replacement of the boards.”

Temporary repairs were completed on March 9 and April 1, 2015.

The bridge will be closed for repairs from April 20 to May 1, 2015. During the bridge closure and repairs, the scheduled 2015 bridge condition assessment will be undertaken.

For more information about the Niska Road Environmental Assessment visit