A Look At Ward 6 Election Results

A Look At Ward 6 Election Results

I recently started analysing the 2014 municipal election results to get a better understanding of Ward 6’s position in the city. Cursory statistical information about the election results can be found on Guelph’s voter website. A few of the trends I noticed are below:

Ward 6 Had A Huge Population Increase Since 2010
This shouldn’t surprise anyone in the city, particularly those living in the south end. The number of eligible Ward 6 voters in the 2010 election was 14,665, which jumped to 16,766 in 2014 – a more than 14% increase (compared to just +7% for the rest of the city). With strong south-end growth continuing over the next several years, the current unbalanced ward boundaries and/or structures cannot simply stay as they are. I firmly believe that the city either needs to change ward boundaries to balance populations in each ward, or start fresh by redistributing Guelph into a greater number of wards (perhaps 8-12 new wards).

Many Ward 6 Residents Do Not Vote
Ward 6 voter turnout was 41% in 2014 – not the lowest of the six wards (that’s Ward 4 at 39%) but lower than the other four. In the 2010 election Ward 6 voter turnout was the worst of all wards so this is a noticeable improvement. I believe this occurred largely because...

Ward 6 Voters Like On-Line Voting
Ward 6 had the highest number of voters casting ballots on-line at 39%, compared to 32% across the rest of the city. This result perhaps suggests that Ward 6 voters are more in touch with technology, lead busier lives that precludes in-person voting, and/or are searching for new ways to democratically engage.

A Third Of Ward 6 Voters Only Selected One Candidate
Residents can vote for up to two Ward 6 councillors, but have the option of voting for just one instead. Of the 6,851 voters in Ward 6, 33% or 2,327 only voted for one candidate (vs. 4,524 who voted for two). The reasoning behind this could be numerous, though I suspect it largely relates to voters not feeling sufficiently informed about the issue positions of the five candidates to make an informed multi-candidate selection.

My Thanks For A Majority Vote
I am very grateful to have received votes from 56% of Ward 6 voters (3,806 votes from 6,851 voters) – a firm majority. Thank you for giving me your trust over the next four years. With my continued work towards accountability, transparency, and good governance, I plan to earn it!