Committee and Board Appointments

Committee/Board Appointments

Last night, council’s Nominating Committee assigned councillors to the various standing committees and local boards/agencies. These appointments were unanimously passed by council. The new standing committees are part of the city’s structural realignment that council approved at its first meeting of the term.

I have been assigned to, and look forward serving on: Audit Committee; Corporate Services Committee; Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Board of Directors.

The complete assignment is as follows:

Audit Committee
Phil Allt, Christine Billings, Mark MacKinnon, and June Hofland

Corporate Services Committee
Dan Gibson, Leanne Piper, Mike Salisbury, and Bob Bell

Infrastructure, Development & Enterprise Committee
Phil Allt, Mark MacKinnon, Andy Van Hellemond, and Karl Wettstein

Public Services Committee
Christine Billings, James Gordon, Andy Van Hellemond, and Cathy Downer

Board of Trustees of the Elliott Community
James Gordon

Grand River Conservation Authority
Bob Bell and Mike Salisbury

Guelph Police Services Board
Cam Guthrie and Leanne Piper

Guelph Public Library Board
James Gordon

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre Board of Directors
Phil Allt

Well Interference Committee
Phil Allt, Dan Gibson, and Andy Van Hellemond

Downtown Guelph Business Association Board of Management
Cathy Downer, Dan Gibson

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Board of Directors
Christine Billings, June Hofland, and Mark MacKinnon